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Conditional Admits

What Is Conditional Admits


Conditional Admits

1) Some of you may know exactly what you want to study and already have a university or college in mind. Others of you just dream of being in an Abroad university classroom.

So, when you read a schools English language requirements and realize your English is not at a high enough level to begin classes, you may feel defeated. Your marks and test scores meet all other college or university admission requirements. You have the financial means to study in the USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, UK, FRANCE, NEW ZELAND, IRELAND. Your only hindrance is your English. This may cause you to delay your plans or give up on a prospective school. The English conditions mostly known as Elicos, Presessional, ESL country to country the name change.

But theres another way

Many universities now offer conditional admission to international students who meet all other admission requirements, but need to improve their English language proficiency. Conditional admission provides talented and capable international students a pathway into university classrooms.

Step 1: Apply for conditional admission to a university

Not all universities and colleges offer conditional admission, so it is important to find out whether this option is available before applying for admission. Frequently, if the university has an intensive English program, or has an agreement with a local private intensive English program, applicants who are academically qualified may be considered for conditional admission. In this case, you would submit an application packet with all required original documentation, with the exception of the proof of English proficiency.

The university will evaluate your application documents and if youre academically admissible, the university could issue you a letter of conditional admission. This means that once you successfully complete the specified intensive English program and/or have the appropriate test score report (TOEFL or IELTS), you will be offered full admission to the university.

Step 2: Apply for admission to an intensive English program

Once you have been granted conditional admission, you will also need to apply for admission to the university approved intensive English program. All the appropriate application, fees, and verification of financial support need to be submitted. The intensive English program will then issue you an admission letter and the appropriate immigration form, usually a Form I-20.

Step 3: Obtain your student VISA

To apply for a student visa, you will need to take the admission documents from the intensive English programas well as the conditional admission letter from the universityto the concern consulate or embassy.

Even though you may have limited English abilities, it is important that you are able to answer basic questions about the intensive English program and the university. Knowing the university and English programs location, what you want to study, and having the ability to briefly state why you want to attend that school can be very helpful in the visa interview. Although there are no guarantees in the visa interview, the more natural and comfortable you are with your answers, the more likely there will be a positive outcome.

Step 4: Confirm, confirm, confirm!

When you begin studying in the intensive English program it is important that you contact the university to which youve been conditionally admitted. You will want to confirm the conditions of the offer of admission, and the university will want to verify when you will complete the intensive English program. This will ensure that you start in the semester indicated in the letter of conditional admission.

Step 5: Success! Youve completed your intensive English program and are gaining full university admission

Choosing to continue your education in the United States is an exhilarating decision. As you begin your search for the right U.S. school you may feel hope, excitement, motivation and a little intimidation.


Once youve completed the intensive English language program, you will be transferring to the university. Remember that your student visa will be transferring as well. Therefore, you might be required to provide updated verification of financial support before the transfer can take place. Be sure and check for any other items that were outlined in the offer of conditional admissionall requirements must be met before a full offer of admission will be extended to you.

One last tip

The final word of advice is to take advantage of all the classes offered by the intensive English program and to speak English in and out of the classroom. You will not only become proficient in English during this time, but you will have practiced the study skills necessary for university success.

Conditionally eligible or conditionally admitted applicants

If you've been conditionally admitted, this means that there is something left for you to do in order to be officially admitted. It could be one or both of the following:

Applicants in their final year of bachelor's studies

If you have been conditionally admitted because you are in the final year of your bachelors degree, this means that you are offered a place on a study programme on condition that you have completed your Bachelors degree by the time the semester starts, and can show the appropriate documents to prove it. If you are not able to do so, your admission will be withdrawn.
When the semester starts you need to show certified copies of your degree certificate and transcripts from the last semesters at the department to be able to register for the programme you have been admitted to. To show that you fulfil the requirement and to remove the conditional admittance



Seed accelerators, also known as startup accelerators, are fixed-term, cohort-based programs, that include mentorship and educational components and culminate in a public pitch event or demo day. Unlike business incubators, theapplication process for seed accelerators is open to anyone, but highly competitive.
  Entry requirements as listed in the table below:   

Entry RouteGPAIELTSTOEFL iBTProgression Requirement
IMAP3.0 or 60% or 7/106.5 (no sub score below 6.0)90 (no part below 23 except speaking)Maintain status
MAP 13.0 or 60% or 7/106.0 (no sub score below 6.0)80 (no part below 20)GPA 3.0
GPA of 3.25 for (MS EMGT)/(MEng PMGT)/(MEng PMGT)/Museum Studies (MA)
No grade lower than a B
MAP 23.0 or 60% or 7/106.0 (no sub score below 5.5)76 (no part below 20 except speaking)GPA 3.0
GPA of 3.25 for (MS EMGT)/(MEng PMGT)/(MEng PMGT)/Museum Studies (MA)
No grade lower than a B

Creation of International Accelerator to enhance international student experience

Top Universities today announced the creation of an innovative new program to support university efforts to attract, recruit and retain the most qualified and capable international students from across the world.

The newly created International Accelerator Program (IAP) will provide wraparound support to international students and help them thrive in universities rigorous academic environment. The IAP will also assist them as they become an integral part of the universities community and navigate the cultural and social differences of an American university education.

The IAP is a demanding academic program that combines intensive English language instruction with course work and supplemental support resources that help acclimate the students to university and the surrounding community. The program will be offered to students at multiple levels depending upon a students English proficiency level. Upon successful completion of the IAP program, students will be eligible to enroll in universities degree programs with sophomore status. The first students will be enrolled beginning of every semester.

Its great opportunity to international students to associate with top University to bring the best international students from across the world to become a part of universities extraordinary community As hundreds of thousands of students from across the world seek to continue their education in the United States, accelerator programs provide the tools and services they need to thrive at university halls and provide a global perspective for their peers.

The new program comes at a time of increased demand from international students seeking an American college experience and while academic institutions are striving for more globally diverse campus environments.  According to the Institute of International Education, a record setting 886,052 foreign students came to the United States to study in the 2013-2014 school year. With this partnership, Top universities is uniquely positioned to attract top students from around the world to its campus while bringing global diversity and new perspectives to the university student body.

The new programs strategically strengthen the universitys reputation as a campus without borders by showcasing our academic programs and increasing our student diversity These students will add value to our campus community through their diverse perspectives and opportunities to enhance global perspectives among our students.

About the Masters Accelerator Program

For international students, the move from a university in your home country to a postgraduate program in the United States can be challenging a new language, new ways of learning, and a new home. The Masters Accelerator Program (MAP) eases this transition by combining creditbearing courses with additional academic support, instruction and cultural experiences. Together, these facets of the program combine to create a learning-centered environment that promotes academic success, active involvement in campus life and community engagement.
The MAP is comprised of three distinct programs:

The program thats right for you will depend on your academic background, level of English-language proficiency and personal preferences; however, all MAP programs offer the following:


Universities offers a simple, fast admissions process for MAP applicants. No references, resumes, essays, work experience or GRE/GMAT scores are required.


Youre given greater individual attention and tailored support with our small class sizes and curated curriculum. You will take some classes with American students, while others are for MAP students exclusively.


Students will receive support on all issues, academic and personal, as well as help with practicalities such as airport pickup, opening a bank account and mobile phone registration. 


Prepare for academic and professional success with MAPs professional development courses tailored to the unique needs and objectives of international students.

Program Tracks

IMAP Map-1 -Map-2

Integrated Master's Accelerator Program (IMAP)

Achieve more than academic success

The Integrated Masters Accelerator Program (IMAP) is a one-semester program designed specifically for international students with an advanced level of English-language proficiency but who also want the academic, cultural and professional support to thrive in your graduate program at Adelphi. You will earn a semesters worth of credits in your graduate degree as well as benefit from additional professional and research courses tailored to your needs as an international student.

Masters Accelerator Program 1 (MAP 1)

Support that empowers

The Masters Accelerator Program 1 (MAP 1) is a one-semester, pre-masters program designed specifically for international students who are ready to succeed in immersive English-speaking classrooms, but who also want the benefit of English-language and academic training that will help them succeed in their postgraduate program. The program curriculum offers a balance of degree-specific and MAP-exclusive courses. You will be equipped with the practical, degree-specific vocabulary and research skills you need to excel in your coursework.

Masters Accelerator Program 2 (MAP 2)

Your path to success

The Masters Accelerator Program 2 (MAP 2) is a two-semester program exclusively offered to aspirational international students. MAP 2 students benefit from wrap-around support and language for discipline-specific purposes. Your curriculum will include advanced writing, public speaking and research instruction; each course is designed to help ensure your success at Adelphi. The small class sizes, hands-on and interactive programs and unique curriculum are designed to help you progress seamlessly into your masters degree program.


Time to completion varies based on a student's English-language ability, degree choice and course load per semester. Students may require an additional semester to complete required degree credits.

How Much Will It Cost?


Integrated Masters Accelerator Program (IMAP)
1 Semester
Masters Accelerator Program 1 (MAP 1)
1 Semester
Masters Accelerator Program 2 (MAP 2)
2 Semesters
Pre-Accelerator Intensive English
14 Weeks
Estimated Program Tuition$13,380 - $15,300*$15,500 - $16,500$23,000 - $24,000$7,500
Estimated Annual Living Expenses**$30,000$30,000$30,000$30,000
Estimated Annual Mandatory Health Insurance$2,000$2,000$2,000$2,000
Total$45,380 - $47,300$47,500 - $48,500$55,000 - $56,000$39,500

Note: Costs accurate at time of publication. Expect tuition to increase every year.

TIP: Dont forget to calculate the number of credit hours you will need to take after you have completed your Masters Accelerator semester(s). Tuition costs shown above are only related to Masters Accelerator tuition not the additional credit hours required after you progress into your degree. For tuition after the Masters Accelerator, the cost is $906.40 per credit hour, plus to university depends on the locations coast will change


What Are Prerequisites And Why Are They Important?

It can be an exciting time for you when you have finally decided to make that step into the world further education such as: college and university. There are a lot of interesting and challenging courses and subjects that you can take, however you should know that certain courses have prerequisites.

What is a prerequisite?

A prerequisite is a specific course or subject that you must complete before you can take another course at the next grade level. To be accepted into some courses, you will have to prove that you have completed a similar course in the same or a related subject, at a lower grade level. Prerequisites are usually in the same or a related subject, at a lower grade level.
To be accepted into some courses, you will have to prove that you have a certain amount of knowledge about the subject already. For example:

Why are prerequisites important?

Prerequisites are a way of making sure that students, like you, enter into a course or subject with some prior knowledge. This, not only helps the professor to teach at a certain academic level, but it also helps you to feel more comfortable and confident with the subject matter.

How do I know if a course I want to take has a prerequisite?

Look at the college or university website for the list of academic courses or enquire at the Office of Admissions for a course catalogue. The prerequisites for each course are usually listed in the course description.

What to think about before applying to College or University:

What is also important for you to understand is that the abroad system has four post-secondary preparation levels. The four course levels are:

By grades& credit levels, students are encouraged to think about, and to choose from, courses from these different course levels as they will help prepare you for college or university entry requirements and prerequisites.

Depends on student academics concern department professor will mention on acceptances what all additional subject student must undertake before entering to the Masters which plays the main role of the course, Its an opportunity to the International students when the grades are not so encouragble to opt the best universities according to the top level university entry requirements accepting admits with perquisites will help students to polish their previous academics and gain knowledge towards the future curriculum which student going to study & helpful to increase the grades.


Many people ask what does ELICOS mean. The letters in the word 'ELICOS' stand for the first letters of Australia's 'English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students':

E nglish
L anguage
I ntensive
C ourse for
O verseas
S tudents

ELICOS programs have been designed for students who require English language training before commencing formal studies in Australia. There are other English language programs that a student can do, but the Australian government has an official ELICOS student visa especially for students who do one of these courses.

This shows what is the definition of ELICOS, it means that programs are open to everyone, including people who are in Australia on a tourist or visitor visa and people who do not want to do any further study after their English classes are over. However, restrictions may apply in these cases.

Sandwich Program

What is a sandwich course?

Looking for a course you can really get your teeth into! Then think about a sandwich course. Read on to find out more.

What is it?

Sandwich courses are courses offered by some universities where some of your studies take place working in industry or studying abroad.

How does it work?

Sandwich courses normally last for four years at degree level, with work experience or foreign studies normally taking place in your third year. Where you go and what you will do depends on the subject; modern languages students might study at a foreign university, business students might work with companies either in Britain or abroad, while science students might work in a laboratory. 

Some universities arrange placements for you, but others expect you to find one yourself. You might do this by writing to employers directly, or by applying to a scheme like Erasmus if you?re looking to go abroad.

Why study one?

Most industry work placements will pay a salary and you might get a grant if you study abroad. Your annual tuition fee will probably be lower for that year as well. But sandwich courses are about more than just the money. Students who work in industry will develop real practical skills which will help when applying for future jobs. Studying abroad means you really experience a different country and culture firsthand, making you more independent and giving plenty of new friends and memories to go with your qualification at the end of the course.

Hot Courses in Abroad