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Visa Information for Germany

What sorts of records and papers one requirements for the entry to Germany depends principally on where he or she originates from and on to what extent he or she needs to remain in Germany. It is imperative to get the essential data and to assemble every one of the papers very early and in time before the studies abroad.

Germany Study Visa In general there are the accompanying rules: For residents from the EU or from the nations Island, Norway, Switzerland or Liechtenstein it is just important to have a identity card to enter Germany. It is not important to have a visa. Residents from different nations rather require a visa if they want to remain in Germany for over 90 days. There are some more standards for the visa application also. Natives from the nations Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea and the USA can apply for their visa even after they enter in Germany. For subjects from different nations it is important to apply for the visa before coming to Germany.

Documents required for residence permit

Obtaining Residence Permit

Once you confirmed your admission to German university you need to apply for a residence permit in Germany. For residence permit you have to apply at Alien Registration Office in your university town. You need to apply within three months of your arrival in Germany.

Documents required for residence permit

Study in Germany: German student visas and permits

Germany is a place to be when it comes to the quality of higher education, research infrastructure, teaching methodology, low-cost studies and career prospect. That is why many internationals continue to believe that Germany is the best place for pursuing their higher education further.

On the other hand, not every foreign person is able to pursue such a dream, right away. This because several nationalities are NOT allowed to enter and stay in the territory of Germany without enjoying the appropriate German Visa.

In our case, a visa needed is the authorising official document required to permit a non-German national to enter and stay in the territory of Germany for the purpose of studying, in a specific intended period.

Which are German Visa Types for Study Purposes?

As we explained earlier, whenever you want to travel to Germany for study purposes, you have to apply for the appropriate German Visa, related to the purpose of your travel and stay there - studying.

What follows is the explanation of 3 (three) types of German Visas for study purposes:

Where and How to Apply?

As we stated earlier, the place where you should apply for your visa is the German Embassy or Consulate in your country.
First, you need to schedule an appointment  for a visa interview. On the day of the interview, you should offer your visa application documents.
Additionally, you will need to respond to the interview questions that the consular officer prepares in order to closely examine you as a potential visa candidate.

Leave A Visa Appointment Soon ENOUGH!

Before doing anything else, in order to apply for the Student Schengen Visa you need to set up a visa appointment at the German Embassy or Consulate in your country!
Check up for the available dates and make the appointment in the online system on the website of the German Embassy or Consulate in your country, soon after you will be able to plan your departure time.

Visa Interview

Visa interview is the moment where you meet with the consular officer directly as a visa applicant. The same time you need to present all the visa required documents, as your consular officer asks for them orderly. During a visa appointment the officer also makes you questions about the application, as well as personal ones which you have to answer carefully and truthfully.

Registration at the Resident's Registration Office

Learn more under: Registration at the Resident's Registration Office for Study Purposes

Important Things To Know as a German Visa applicant and/or Holder

Paying your Student Visa

Applicants have to pay the visa fees by a bank transfer. Student visa as of 2008 is 60 Euro. Cheques or credit cards are not accepted. The money order must be in the name of the Consulate in your home country and not older than two months.

Please be aware that you will not get reimburse the visa fee if your application for a student visa gets rejected.

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