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Service @ No Coast

Service @ No Coast

Our mission to help students explore higher education programs in the area of interest and guide them with the admissions process so that they can develop the expertise towards a successful career.
We make student to explore differences in education system and career opportunities according to his/her profile and interests.
We have Trained, Well Experienced and Specialized team to guide a student with the best career path within his/her requirements.
Student will be provided with genuine counseling for free, where he/she can analyze the things what actually are rather than blind decisions.

  1. Student can choose right path for his career.
  2. Student can plan the best-suited country/location/course/University.
  3. Student will also be aware of economic affordability.
  4. Student will be aware of the benefits of starting the process early.
  5. Student comes to know the right time to start the process.
  6. Student may start with confusion but end up with the proper and perfect career planning
  7. We provide one-stop-shop to meets all needs and requirement to a student career
  8. Serving students for Education Causes Only.
  9. Helping students to achieve their academic goals around the globe.
  10. Representing credible institutes worldwide.
  11. Providing Complete Educational Solutions.

Scholarship Assistance

Global Institutions provide different types of scholarships.

These scholarships are intended for foreign students pursuing masters and research program (health, humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering).

For many Indian students aspiring for high quality education in the field they choose, study abroad scholarships prove great. Scholarships make education affordable and enable you to access the best universities in the world.

Harvard University's President, Derek Bok, once remarked 'If you think investing in education is expensive, try ignorance'. His message simply was to indicate that the long term cost of ignorance far exceeds the short/medium term cost of education. Although the wise words of Derek Bok capture the importance of having a long term focus on holistically building on all aspects of an individual's or a society's persona, current market forces have made it awfully challenging to deliver quality education to all aspiring for it.

Consequently, Universities, Corporations and Governments have recognized a threshold in the population that may absolutely deserve accessibility to high quality education or at least an opportunity to compete on common grounds. Hence, they have been often investing greatly into broadening opportunities for the less fortunate through scholarships and other means of financial aid.

There are 5 types of study overseas scholarships that are well known in the mainstream:

Hot Courses in Abroad