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Visa Information for Dubai

Student Visa for UAE from India

UAE student visa - Getting a student visa can be one of the trickiest jobs in the study abroad process, especially, with all the queuing up and waiting for your visa interview. Further, the documentation process takes most of your time post getting the offer letter. Of course, there's the second phase of waiting nervously for the student visa. Well, studying in Dubai makes all that easier. In fact, you do not even have to wait in line for months as your university tales more than half the burden of getting your UAE student visa in place.

Like most other study abroad destinations, UAE also requires international students to have a valid student visa before starting their programme in a university in Dubai. However, unlike other countries, universities in UAE are able to sponsor the Dubai student visas of international students to stay and study in the country.

Here, we have explained the UAE student visa process for international students

What does the UAE student visa include?

A UAE student visa allows international students to study and stay in universities across UAE. Generally, the student visas of students are valid of a period of 12 months, after which students have to renew their Dubai student visas. Further, student visas are offered for only full-time courses although universities have separate provisions for international students pursuing short-term courses. For programmes of less than 12 months, students may be offered short-term and long-term visas for 30 or 90 days, respectively.

How to apply for UAE student visa?

The UAE student visa application process at universities in the country is very simple and is mostly facilitated by the universities themselves. While each university might have its own set of requirements, they more or less require the same set of documents. Hence, in most universities you are just required to submit some documents including passport and recent photographs. Below the student visa requirements of Manipal University, Dubai:

The most thing to remember here is that the student should have an unconditional offer of admission from the university she has applied to. Without the offer letter, an international student cannot get a student visa to study in Dubai.  Also the requirements might vary as per the demands of the university. The university offering you admission will send you the details of the required documents once you accept their offer for admission.

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