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Founder's Vision

Founder's Vision, Mission & Value
Vision: Introduce Leaders to the World

A dream or a vision is the ultimate architect of life. To achieve contentment, I have always believed my work must reflect greatness with my 20 years overseas journey I have come to realize that this is only possible by doing what I truly love.

In order for a society to have a sustainable future, it must have the ability to replenish itself with people who specialize in being creative in order to become innovative and enterprising future thought leaders in their respective fields; who push the conventional boundaries and harness their potential to become change agents and bring about a brighter tomorrow. It was through this idea that the dream of 'Enlight World Visas' was conceived. 

Sir Richard Branson says-
"There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions - in a way that serves the world and you.

Given our world class universities and collaborative education system we aim to present a platform with ample challenges to our students in order for them to prove themselves after graduation in the real world as innovative entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

My mission for 'Enlight' is to create the largest family of game changers worldwide that come together at any stage, be it the first day or several decades hence. 'Enlight' is an eternal home to creative researchers, brilliant career guiders in the world of overseas education and we will lead the world as the most innovative overseas consultants. Higher education in abroad with capacity and capability that to deliver the most comprehensive human talent to both corporate and to our society. I also intend to grow globally showing the right career path to the young, dynamic youth with 15 years experience. Enlight aim is to create leaders and introduce them to the world and make the young generation as one of the finest talented people in the globe. Enlight is creative with passionated thoughts which helps to lead our views dynamically. Keeping out goals in mind we have set up our premises in heart of Hyderabad city to reach the intended abroad planning student. possibly we aim to be the largest overseas education consultant in the country, if not the world. With our students success, Enlight will provide a very stimulating environment for creative leaders when you visit us for personnel counseling. Enlight is the one stop solutions hub for all over the world education information in places like UK, USA, Australia ,New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, France, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Germany.

With this in perspective, Enlight will design the student career according to their passion & goals, in order for our students to imbibe credibility, conscience, capacity and capability for a career that will be marked by trust and self belief. Translating these into value proposition would mean our students would go with incredible potential to generate wealth 10 times a student from the best school today in India. 

Thus, Enlight aims to be in the league of extraordinary Overseas Education Consultant globally by 2020 - a BHAG that we are working towards wholeheartedly with the remarkable services

Our Values

To the future, please dream and achieve with us at Enlight!

Neeraja Drakshyani Reddy

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