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Scholarship Dubai

Being an expensive country to live in, the Dubai government offers scholarships to foreign students. There are various universities which offer their individual scholarships too.

The list of scholarships is mentioned below:

The Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarships: For the scholarship, the students must be Pell Grant recipients and academically accomplished. Up to $5,000 are awarded to the students receiving this scholarship.

The David L Boren Scholarships: Recipients of this scholarship are required to work in the Department of Defense or Homeland Security following the course of their study. The scholarship is awarded to only best undergraduates and graduates. Preference is given to those students who are seriously considering long-term careers in the federal government. Up to $26,000 are awarded for scholarships.

The Marie Wright Scholarship for Non-Traditional Locations:The Marie Wright Scholarship is for Non-Traditional Locations. The programme is specifically designed to reward those studying in far-flung areas where Western students are just now making news. Candidates are chosen for academic merit and programme design.

The Charles B Rangel International Affairs Fellowships:The scholarships are awarded for a combination of travel and tuition expenses for up to $ 28,000. This scholarship let a student study in a range of locations including the UAE. Candidates belonging to minorities, financially weak sections and are academically talented are given preference. 

The American University in Dubai:American students studying a wide range of disciplines can take the opportunity to experience the UAE for a semester or a year.

William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Scholarships:The scholarship is for students interested in international affairs or Middle Eastern culture and language. The scholarship is offered through the American University in Dubai.

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